Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aunt's Project

My Aunt wanted some pictures about her memories of my grandpa for a project. Tried to deliver what she wanted- did it in a quicker style, but they took a long time to finish as I had to find little windows of time to work after hours.


  1. Hi Jack,
    It's me, Jaetaek. I accidentally came into your blog while doing internet surfing.
    I like your 2D stuffs you posted. But I wonder where you put your 3D stuffs. Did you leave 3D industry or what?

    1. Jaetaek! How are you doing? I didn't leave the 3d world. I'm a shading TD, but post my extra hours stuff on my blog sometimes. I tend to do all my cg stuff at work, and personal artwork at home.

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